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art market index introduced by Charlin and Cifuentes in 2013. The ratio, called Artistic Art analysts Mei and Moses (2005) claim that the art index based on the  

Indices available: Mei Moses publishes one World All Art Index and seven indices representing different collecting categories. All of them are updated annually, although Mei Moses will soon publish Unfortunately, it is not possible to create an investable art index for three reasons. First, roughly half the art market’s annual sales ($63.7 billion in 2017) are automatically off limits for the purposes of creating an index, because they occur in the gallery market where public price disclosure is not required. Art valuation. Art valuation, an art-specific subset of financial valuation, is the process of estimating either the market value of works of art. As such, it is more of a financial rather than an aesthetic concern, however, subjective views of cultural value play a part as well. MEI MOSES FINE ART INDEX: PhD Management Science, Northwestern 1968; MS Management Science, Northwestern 1964; BS Mathematics, Worcester PolyTech 1962. Research Interests: Economic History of Art Prices; Investing in the Fine and Decorative Arts; Corporate Strategy. Selected Publications: Art as an Investment and the Underperformance of Art as an Investment and the Underperformance of Masterpieces Jiangping Mei Michael Moses∗ February 2002 Abstract This paper constructs a new data set of repeated sales of artworks and estimates an annual index of art prices for the period 1875-2000. Contrary to earlier studies, we find art outperforms The Mei Moses has beaten the S&P 500 in six of the last 10 years, with an average annual return of 7.8 per cent compared with 2.7 per cent for the benchmark US index. The Mei Moses tracks the The fruit of this research - the Mei-Moses Fine Art Index - is one of the tools that pioneers like Taub are now relying as they work to bring art investing into the 21st century.

7 Jan 2020 One of the most famous art market indices is the Mei Moses Art Index, purchased by the British auction house Sotheby's in 2016. It tracks its 

7 Apr 2009 FT: The Mei Moses index, set for release on Tuesday, shows art prices fell 35 per cent in the first quarter, having held up during earlier months of  26 Oct 2018 Unfortunately, the art market lacks a good index, and the few that exist, such as the Mei Moses Art Indices, don't necessarily paint a complete  28 Oct 2013 And the Mei Moses indexes show that art prices are, to use investing lingo, highly “non-correlated” to stock prices. So, when your stocks are down  The Sotheby's Mei Moses Indices are widely recognized as the preeminent measure of the state of the art market. Leveraging over 60,000 repeat auction sales over 200 years of art history, Sotheby's is able to produce objective art market analyses that complement the world-class expertise of its specialists. Discover more at

Mei Moses World All Art Index An index tracking sales of fine art. Though art is an illiquid investment , it is used as a hedge against inflation as it tends to maintain its value over time.

1 Oct 2019 Artprice, like Mei Moses and other art market indices, uses a “repeat sales” methodology to track the price of works sold and resold at auction. 16 Nov 2015 The Mei Moses Family of Fine Arts Indices, named after two New York University professors, Jianping Mei and Michael Moses, has high name  26 Jun 2019 For instance, the Blouin Art Sales Index (BASI) gives access to over 9 In addition, art indices such as Mei-Moses rely on data from just half of  20 Mar 2019 In 2018 over $12 Billion of art was sold by the top global auction houses - take a closer look with the Sotheby's Mei Moses Indices, which are 

Table 19: Risk Return Trade off with and without Mei Moses Annual All Art Index . 40. List of Figures. Figure 1: Global Auction Art Market Share by Value In 

9 Aug 2013 The All World Art Index is showing a YTD (through July) of 4.3%. Mei Moses/ Beautiful Asset Advisors report. WEAK JULY AUCTION SALE  9 févr. 2017 Mei Moses Art Indices, rebaptisée depuis Sotheby's Mei Moses, possède une base de données constamment mise à jour, qui recense chaque  16 ago 2012 Divulgati i dati sulla performance finanziaria dell'arte nei primi sei mesi dell'anno. Da gennaio a giugno il Mei Moses ® World All Art Index è  21 Jun 2006 The Mei Moses index focuses on mature artists whose works command significant prices at auction. They take the original sales price and then  3 Nov 2010 We use the Mei Moses® family of fine art indexes as proxies for art-market financial performance. We also include the effects of the  17 Jan 2013 Last year, for example, the Mei Moses World All Art Index – which tracks art prices across genres, from Impressionist works to postwar and 

Table 19: Risk Return Trade off with and without Mei Moses Annual All Art Index . 40. List of Figures. Figure 1: Global Auction Art Market Share by Value In 

1 Aug 2019 The All Art-Female (AAF) index, which is comprised of 2,472 repeat sales by Nonetheless, if the data captured by Sotheby's Mei Moses is any  27 May 2009 In part 2 of our podcast with Michael Moses, the professor thoroughly discusses asset allocation and how art has performed on a historical  The Mei Moses. World All Art Index and seven indexes, representing different collecting categories, are estimated using data (excluding online sales) collected  

Definition of Mei Moses World All Art Index in the Financial Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is Mei Moses World All Art  Table 19: Risk Return Trade off with and without Mei Moses Annual All Art Index . 40. List of Figures. Figure 1: Global Auction Art Market Share by Value In  31 окт 2016 Sotheby's объявил о приобретении индекса цен на произведения искусства Mei Moses Art Indices, аналитический инструмент,  6 Aug 2019 These are the findings of Sotheby's Mei Moses indices, which tracked This trend reflects an ongoing recalibration for female artists in the art  9 Apr 2018 Second, the indexes researchers have built using repeat sales of artworks at auction, such as the Mei Moses Art Indices (recently purchased by